Tuesday, July 31, 2012

List Making

I consider July 31 to be the last true day of my summer break. Once August hits, I tend to change the way I function. I'm in list-mode. What haven't I done that I need to cram into my final weeks? This definitely reduces relaxation and puts me into a more scheduled attitude.

On my list I find windows that still have to be washed, posters that haven't yet been laminated, a lecture series (two actually) that are unfinished, books that have not been read, a trip to the hazzo house that has been waiting for three years! My list has been around quite a while. I guess it can wait at bit longer, at least through today, the last day of July.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Another Project

If we ever finish designing our yard, we're just going to have to weed rather than create! Today T put twinkle lights on one of the trees. I liked it so much that we went shopping for more. Now our back yard pond is encircled by little lights. It's quite a pretty progression from afternoon to late evening.

Friday, July 20, 2012

Garden Life

My summer break is more than half over. Sadness... I love teaching, don't get me wrong, but I also love the 80+ days I spend outside the classroom. And outside is the key word for me. I spend a lot of time in my garden. I'm a developper... ever take that gallup inventory with strengths finder? My top fiver are developper, ideation, woo (winning others over), positivity, and input. Yeah... that pretty much sums me up. It's not limited to my classroom; I take it into my garden as well. Here's a few photos:

My favorite hydrangea, blue and purple

 Our new flagstone pathway, from the patio to the trails

 Out front: daisies and lilies

Every year I pot geraniums under our front window;
this year I added a white one.

Blooming for the first time, this was planted three years ago!

The front walkway, daisies, black-eyed Susans, white hydrangea, fuschia

The back yard hillside, terraced with trails. Not yet blooming.

It's hard work but I do love it. Seeing chaos organized into something pretty, very satisfying. This is what the back hillside looked like before we worked on it:

And this is after, before we put in the flagstone.

As I said, hard work but I love it!