Thursday, July 13, 2006

Our First Home

Well, of course it really isn't our very first home but it is the first one we have ever purchased! What a scary experience. I've never signed so many papers in my life. And of course, after years of reading home decorating magazines, plan books, and watching HGTV, I had to make changes. It will be great when it's finished but my husband believes it will never be finished. He thinks I'll always have some project for him to do. Hmmm.... I think he's right. What a guy to know me so well!

We have special places in our home. There's the hallway with family pictures, the living room that begs for someone to nap, the kids' corner with an antique toy box and lots of fun things for Kayla and Colton, and our Jerusalem corner, a way to bring our California kids into our home. And then there's the backyard. We bought this home from my husband's mother. His father left us just over a year ago to enjoy heaven. Changing the interior of our home has been easy... well, not easy, but there's no sense of holding back on the interior. However, lately we've been working in the yard. And it seems that Grandpa comes to work with us. Now I know he doesn't but we have such a sense of him in this yard, near the pond and among the roses especially. It's even been hard to remove overgrown shrubs because he didn't. A couple days ago, an arborist visited our yard and gave us suggestions. Now we have an expert's opinion that actually matches quite well with our own, so we'll cut back, pull out, and trim a lot of the green, and we'll remember Grandpa with joy.

We love our home, love our location, love our family, and are so thankful to our loving Heavenly Father for permitting us to enjoy it together. Come visit! You're always welcome! KaK