Wednesday, March 28, 2007

My Grandson Prayed

Our kids came over tonight, rather spur of the moment. It was Kayla's ballet night; they needed to go to the grocery store or eat out. Eating out had greater appeal and they called us to go along. We thought it would be more fun at our house than a restaurant, especially for the grandkids. So they picked up KFC and combined their dinner with our dinner and we sat down at the table, held hands, and three year old Colton prayed. He prayed for our family, he thanked God for the day (in detail), for his food, for having fun, for..... everything. It was amazing! We had never really heard Colton pray before and it was thoughtful, organized, and long! That means he's been paying attention when his dad and mother pray. That means he knows the One he's addressing. That means he's comfortable, talking to Jesus in front of other people. That means he's done this before, many times before. I'm still processing the entire experience. My heart is so full that it aches a bit. I am so blessed. I never adequately imagined what it would be like to experience this continuity of family, of our Christian family. The beauty of it surpasses my words so I'm just going to sit here and enjoy my full, achey heart and I'm going to thank the Lord for the joy I received today because my grandson prayed.