Thursday, January 30, 2014

Commit and Submit

Ever nearly kill yourself doing something that you know probably won't make much difference in the outcome category? I was there a couple of times this week. Spend HOURS organizing an event for people who don't really care, but the event is expected. That was tough. When it was all over and the debrief of participants completed, I realized my students had the same feeling of sadness that I did. Sure everyone had fun, but some of the attitudes by the guests were just ridiculous. Entitlement, social superiority, egos on steroids... I know these attitudes are simply facades, masks to hide the true feelings these kids bury. But good grief it's frustrating! We committed this event to the Lord, no question about that, which means the outcome is His not ours. Ever feel disappointed anyway? We did. But we're working through it, getting ready to repeat the event with another group of kids who may be more receptive. Some things we cannot fix; we can only commit and submit. sigh.... Too bad that's not easier to do.

Friday, January 03, 2014

Happy New Year!

2014 - Oh my goodness...

I am trying to wrap my head around the fact that we have lived here in this house for nearly eight years.

My husband says that owning a house in not the American Dream but the Nightmare! I just about proved that true yesterday, painting the guest room closet. I believe it's much more difficult to paint a small space than a big one. I had to twist myself into awkward angles to get the job done, but it's done. I have another closet or two to paint but it may have to wait for another week off to do the job. I hate painting but I love a cleanly painted surface.

This weekend I need to take down the tree, the mantle decorations, and the nativities. Sigh... Lots of work head!

Then... back to school. So much to do before finals in two weeks - like write the finals! ugh! I'm not a fan but it is rather expected that English classes have finals. Oh well... onward into 2014. May it be a year that surprises us by bringing out the best in all of us.